Are we making progress?

Starting young I was fascinated with taking things apart, and sometimes putting them back together. This picture was most likely taken on a Sunday afternoon, I would take my shirt off so I wouldn’t get it dirty (guess I should have taken my pants off too). I am thankful my parents let me do what I did because I did learn a lot about how things work by simply breaking them…

I need glasses?

I guess I thought it was the cool thing to have glasses, because when John Bryant got new glasses I just had to get them too. I told my parents I couldn't see and out of either pity or to get me to stop bugging them they had me get and eye exam. Of course I failed it 🙂 I worked hard to make sure I kept my story straight when they would put the letters up for me to read. I am sure the eye doctor saw right through me but he went along too. When I finally got them I found it was fun to chew on the frames, so they had to dip them in a special chemical to try and make me stop, of course that made it that much more of a challenge. I only wore them for a few month until I realized they looked goofy. Lesson learned is to be yourself don't try to follow the crowd they are surely just following someone else too.


Jodi said…

Those are some great shades, and I love the story! I thought glasses were cool too. I used to tell people I had a retainer in third grade (it was simply a paper clip crudely bent to resemble a retainer). I’m sure 50% of the class did it, but I thought mine looked authentic.
Sunday, April 06, 2008 6:08:02 PM

Mom and Dad Parker said…

We remember those days. Remember them when you need some extra patience with Mason or Lily. Life is great.
ps. We really loved those old pictures.
Monday, April 07, 2008 2:38:48 AM