Second Grade

Olivia woke up this morning happy and ready! She went to bed to night happy and eager to get to bed so she could wake up happy and ready. (Olivia isn't a morning person so this is a big deal!) She wants so badly to meet her goals. She is a sweetie pie.  She is the cutest darn second grader you will find. She pays attention to details and carefully picked out her outfit making sure it matched and went together (side note: out of all of my kids she has had the most innate fashion sense of them all – I think it because she is detail oriented). She looked and felt great – even though she couldn't't eat breakfast. This is a meal she would call a necessary evil. She's not really into eating it ever. She is excited to get Mrs. Smith for a teacher – just like Mason and Lily. Mrs. Smith is a perfect fit for her and they will have a great year together. As I walked away from dropping her off I felt happy and satisfied about a good year ahead.

As I've stopped to listen to her more and appreciate her strengths she has responded positively. Recently Stephen and I took her out to lunch for her special eight year old talk and date. She was so chatty and willing to talk to us. I think she must feel overwhelmed when so much is going on and its crazy and spinning fast at our house. As we slowed down and gave her our undivided attention, she was like a flower that blossomed right out in full. I couldn't believe how much she talked and laughed and smiled. Time and caring and quiet were just the right combination. What a gift it was as parents to see her sparkle. We took pictures of her at the BYU Idaho gardens for her baptism pictures. She is so photogenic it was hard to select which picture to use. I will never forget the wonderful time I had watching her feel special, I wish every day could be just like that for her.

Olivia has been begging us to let her do gymnastics or dance for at least 2 years. Well, we finally signed her up at Airbound. She has literally been doing cartwheel and the Russian splits ever since! I feel bad we've waited so long, but maybe the wait makes it all the more exciting for her. It will be fun to see her progress and watch to see if this becomes her thing. I decided that everyone in our family has their "thing" they are known for and good at. Olivia has tried all of them and does a lot of them too, but it isn't "her thing". As mother I am finding how important it is for each kid to feel noticed for good in a certain thing that they love to do. Maybe for Olivia this will be gymnastics. She is growing up and getting big and it is great to see her blossoming in so many ways!

This has been Olivia's year to shine on the soccer field – things are just clicking out there. She isn't afraid of the ball or doing for it. She has a natural defensive nature which helps cover the goal, a great thing as well. Stephen has been her coach and it is cool to see her get into the game and beg to get to play.

Olivia has been preparing for her baptism day – which is happening two days from now. He interview with the bishop went well and he was very impressed with how well she understood and knew what he was talking about. She has a great depth to her and she is extremely thoughtful. Her prayers reflect this quality that she possess and I love to hear her prayers. She has an ability to feel deeply and sometimes doesn't understand her feelings. I am excited to see her tune into this as she grows older and is blessed to have the Holly Ghost as a constant companion. Hopefully this special gift will help her make more sense of her feelings and she will begin to rely and trust on it as a driving force in her life.

I LOVE Olivia so much. If I could I would lay by her and cuddle forever. I call her my snuggle bunny because she loves to be held and hugged and nestled. I want to just protect her and shield her from anything bad or hard that could and might happen. Since that is not possible and not how things work down her on earth, I'll settle for some hearty prayers. She is a special one of Heavenly Father's children. She is sensitive and kind hearted and I know her hands will be used in service to bless many for good. She is a friendly, gentle giant – a label I would give anything to be.

First Late Night

Olivia inquired what she was going to do that was "fun" while everyone went to ski school this January. I told her we would have loads of fun and we tried, but nothing was as much fun as the night that was declared "late night". She was able to invite 2 friends over to have some fun. We rented movies and a wii game, and did crafts. We also made heart shaped pancakes. I almost had as much fun as Olivia, Emery Hatch, and Emily Miller. Cute & sweet little dolls.

We had only one minor hitch, when Stephen called declaring the he was hung up at work and not going to make it to ski school. This effected me because he had Mason, Lexi, and Lily's boards in his truck! I got the honored privilege of driving up to Kelly Canyon, with 4 kids in the car that needed to go to the bathroom, to deliver the boards and then quickly make it back home to put on a late night. Never a dull moment….:)

Olivia is such a Doll

Olivia got to be in her first school program this year. Every year the Elementary school puts on quite a production for Christmas and this year was no exception. Olivia's class was instructed to dress up as a toy – we decided she should be a doll. Lexi helped her with her hair and make up and Olivia looked just as cute as she always does. She made quite a hit during her classes performance as she danced all over the gym with her magnetic smile. She was also such a good singer and very animated in her face and with the actions. I received several compliments – even from strangers, about what a great job she did and that she was their favorite toy to watch. She is a performer we will always make time to go see! Love my doll.

Olivia has really enjoyed attending Kindergarten this year. Her teacher is Mrs. Clinton and she tells me that Olivia is at the top her the class. Her classmates ask Olivia to read them the questions on the homework pages or books. I think it is a very good thing for her self esteem. I am happy for her and that she is doing her best while at school. She likes to play with Emily Miller and Andy Jane at school. She also gets to go to a playgroup every Wednesday morning with Emily, Jaden Lerwill, and Matthew Taylor. These boys have also become some of Olivia's good friends.

Olivia also began taking piano lessons when school started. She takes from the same teacher as Lily, Holly Miller. Olivia did such a great job at her first ever recital. The room was full of lots of people and she just stood right up without thinking about it and did a flawless performance. When Olivia gets up in front of people she has a cute nervous habit of spinning her hair on her fingers and getting the cutest smile – it is so cute! When she got up to introduce her song, she did this and it melted more people's heart than just mine. She also does this same twirling thing when she gives the talk or scripture in Primary – even the primary program. I am proud of her willingness & confidence in being in front of people.

Olivia is becoming a very good helper around the house as well. She unloads the dishwasher like a pro and vacuums her room and cleans her cubby up without any help! She has had to become an independent child as her mom is very distracted and busy with managing the home front. Olivia reminds me that she needs to practice the piano or do her homework! What mom wouldn't love that kind of initiative?!

Last day of Pre-School & the Zoo

Olivia had her last day in prechool. She was so excited to know that she will now be in kindergarten! She was really sick on the day her class went to the zoo in Idaho Falls, so she was able to go on the day the kindergartners went. JT and I got to go with her – we loved seeing the otters, the lions, and singing dog the most. I am proud of Olivia and the smart and happy little lady she is turning out to be. A few days ago she told me she wished she could go visit Jesus and see the nail prints in his hands. Her heart is sensitive to the things she has been learning and singing about in Primary and I can tell that she loves Jesus in her young age and wants to follow him.


Anne said…

Zoo trips are always fun :). Olivia is growing up too fast.
Monday, May 30, 2011 7:14:52 AM

Michelle said…

What a cute girl-watch out kindergarten!
Wednesday, June 01, 2011 8:36:59 AM

Field Trip

Olivia invited Jt and I to go on a field trip with her and her class. We went to Farmer Sutton's farm(s) in Archer. He showed us his pumpkins and the kids all got to bring one home. Olivia was concerned that Lily wouldn't have one, so her teacher let her take 2! We also got to eat fresh apples, see hogs & yaks, and Olivia took a ride on a donkey! She also enjoyed riding the bus.

Riding the 2-wheeler

Olivia was so excited to have us come home from a date one summer night. She and Lily had a surprise for us. She hopped on her bike and very determinedly spun her legs round and round her pedals without the help of training wheels. Her smile was beaming.

She now wants to ride her bike everywhere we go and on our family rides. She has gotten up to 2 miles before I make her ride in the Burley because of busy roads. It is fun to watch her grow up and gain more independence. Did I just say that?


It was mostly fun to make this ticket booth as a family 🙂

Olivia is feeling great being 5. She had a fabulous day Monday with a fun Carnival Birthday Party and 7 friends to share it with. All of our family was there (plus our friends) to help run the carnival booths. Since friend birthday parties don't happen at our house very often we pulled out all the stops. The cotton candy was a crowd pleaser as well as the pony rides – which the Puzey' s so graciously volunteered to add. It was a lot of attention for a special little lady. She was very happy to receive cards and money from both Grandparents – it was the icing on the cake.


Opening Granpa & Grandma Baldwin’s Card from the mailbox

Clown Cones became mom’ s worst nightmare

Lily’s crew: Sam, Brynne, & Hannah – all of her best friends

The Birthday Gang

cotton candy babes

or not?

how many’ kids get a poney at their party? THANKS PUZEYS & Ash!

Concessions & Face Painting

This is one happy 5 year old

sweet shades from the fishing pond

Crash the Clown – kids threw bean bags at the dancing clown (lily’s Idea)

Mason & Parker made balloon animals

tightrope walk a.k.a. slackline

Crash the Cans

Ping Pong Toss

Lexi’s Crew: Cortnie & Christina – best buddies

one cute clown

loved her bike helmet!

Birthday morning with anticipation

School Clothes & the grand prize helmet (thanks D I for having the perfect helmet!)


Michelle said…

wow-you guys know how to throw a party! Jessie wants a pony at her party too. Happy Birthday Olivia-you are such a fun and sweet little girl.
Thursday, September 02, 2010 8:52:06 PM

Scott said…

What a fun party Olivia! I wish we could have been there to party with you.
Friday, September 03, 2010 1:42:53 PM

Aunt Dot

Olivia has always had a soft spot for Aunt Dot (Stephen’s Grandma, Elaine Parker’s, sister). She has always enjoyed the visits when Aunt Dot & Uncle Everett popped into our home or when we go to lunch with "Aunt Dot". She reserves a special smile and twinkled eye when she says "hi" to her favorite great-great Aunt Dot.

Since Aunt Dot has had some trouble with her legs, we have had the chance to pop in to visit her in her rehabilitation facility to deliver a hand crafted note from Olivia and special "p.s. I love You" lotion for Olivia’s special friend.

I appreciate the way that Aunt Dot has helped Olivia feel special and loved.

million dollar smile

taking a flower to aunt Michele’s grave


Michelle said…

That is sweet-I am sure you brightened Aunt Dot’s day with that sweet girl.
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 9:10:38 AM

Anne and Sami said…

Olivia you are getting so big! Your smile is so pretty it brigtens everyones day, make sure you show it to everyone. Give Aunt Dot a hug from us too.
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 2:31:00 PM

Anne and Sami said…

Olivia you are getting so big! Your smile is so pretty it brigtens everyones day, make sure you show it to everyone. Give Aunt Dot a hug from us too.
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 2:31:00 PM

Olivia’s new ride

Olivia had asked numerous times and ever so sweetly, "When can I get a big bike with training wheels". How could we resist? We loaded her up one morning and made a stop at the local Desert Industries and found this beauty! She is the happiest 4 year old in the world. She has ridden her bike every day since with a big smile.

Olivia has also been taking swimming lessons. It has been amazing to watch her progression from not willing to put her face in the water to taking 4 breast strokes with her face fully immersed under the water with the teacher’s help. She is still gaining confidence, but it is exciting to see her trust her teacher and be proud of herself for accomplishing something that she couldn’t do before!