Project 2 – Event Ad

P2_Jodi Parker


A color full-bleed fundraising and promotional event ad using only Microsoft Word and a scanner.


I scanned the bike image, and imported it into Microsoft Word then deleted the background I didn’t want. This feature wasn’t perfect and left a few bare parts that were difficult to get back into graphic. To remedy the said situation, as well as the fact that I planned a specific color scheme, I decided to recolor the image with accent color 6 and used a dark gradient base background underneath to fill in the wholes from the previous process. By using these effects I wanted it to appear as if the bikers were riding out of a ripped page. After altering the image to my satisfaction, I added an angled green rectangle with a white font to draw attention to the title of my event and other pertinent information. Three gradient lines with contrasting color and graduating weights were added underneath to add more emphasis & repetition. The three bikers in the image naturally added rhythm and followed the rule of thirds. I chose two different fonts for visual interest, and in the body copy chose to use bold and all caps for specific words to bring out their importance to the event. I was pleasantly surprised at how much can be done in the page layout setting and hidden design features of Microsoft Word. I really enjoyed playing with image recoloring and filters. I now feel confident that I could produce professional looking fliers & ads using these techniques.  Programs used were: Microsoft Word, Dell Home Scanner, Adobe Acrobat XI version 11.0.0 to convert PDF to JPEG.


I have been commissioned by the American Diabetes Foundation to help raise money for the cure of Diabetes as a satellite bike ride of the Tour de Cure where I live. I wanted my audience to be excited about doing something they love to do while donating money to a good cause.

Anyone who enjoys biking and feeling good about raising money & awareness for the Cure of Diabetes.

Top things learned:
I learned how to scan properly, and found that designing in Microsoft Word is possible.

Color scheme and color names:
Lime, Yellow, & Gold

Title Font Name & Category: Birch Std – Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Bangla MN regular & bold– Sans Serif

Scanned images used,  sources, original sizes:

This image was scanned from January/February 2015 Road Bike Magazine. I used a Dell, 2155cdn home scanner to scan my image. The original image scanned, in inches, was 7.66″x10.4″. I scanned it at 300 dpi resolution. Image final scan, in pixels, was 2,343 x 2,471.

A4_Jodi Parker