Project 1 Flier

Jodi Parker InDesign Flier

This flier, in black and white, is meant to publicize an upcoming Graduate Leadership Conference.

The first process in designing this project consisted of sketching 4 different layouts options. After selecting which  sketch portrayed the focused message and appealed to the audience I began creating the design in Adobe InDesign. I used square and rectangular boxes which were specifically organized and colored  to create good flow and contrast.  I chose to insert the image inside of a circle to create a spontaneous, yet memorable focal point. In the focal point text my professor suggested using a drop shadow, which I did, and I was happy with the result of how it entered into the image while keeping the line proximity in check with other letters in the word. The typography, varied in weight and size, helped create interest and dimension. I was careful to use good alignment. My overall objective was to create an obvious contrasting focal point with supporting flow into the important details such as Date, Time, Place and website.

My message is that a Graduate Leadership Conference is happening. My target audience are graduates: why they should consider coming, how to register, and most importantly how the conference can make them more marketable.

Graduating Seniors, the majority in their twenties.

Top thing learned:
I learned the importance of tracking, kerning, leading, and how it plays into alignment.

Title Font Name & Category:
Avenir Next Demi Bold, and Avenir Next Condensed– Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:
Avenir Next regular, medium, italicized– Sans Serif

Links to all images I used in this project: