Project 6: Stationery



Business Card (8.5×11 Layout):

P6_JodiParker_BusinessCard 8.5x11

Business Card (Large Layout):


Personalized custom logo made to fit corresponding letterhead and business card.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
I created my logos using simple shapes and the pathfinder tool in Adobe Illustrator. After the logos were created, I opened a new document in Adobe InDesign and placed my yarn logo .AI file into this document. I noticed some flaws in that logo. I went back into Illustrator to fix them and saved. When I went back into InDesign I updated my graphic easily by clicking on the triangular caution sign. I found this to be very useful!

I decided to make my business card first. I used the rectangle tool to make a box on the top half of the card and put my logo intersecting and on top of that box on the grid line. Next I chose fonts that could carry the message and idea of my design. I determined I needed a script font as to help me use lines with the pen tool to create flowing yarn from front to back of card to create a nice rhythm. I found it really important to match my stroke point size to the size of the tail of the s in knits. My overall goal was to be sure that a viewer would be able to determine what the business was about and a contact item on both sides of the card. I added a fiber background and put it at 10% opacity to give a textured appearance (I played around with this number a lot). Finally, I wanted to use a powerful slogan that would be able to encompass the style of the company and appeal to the proper audience. I was very satisfied with the results and carried it over onto the bottom of my letterhead.

On my second page imported my knitting needles I used on the back of my business card, but this time placed them separately and horizontal on both top and bottom of page to create a border. I purposely placed the contact information by the top of the knitting needle so the focus would go to the point and then down to the bottom need and off to the end point again, as if it was a sort of arrow. I used the same color scheme, contact information, and slogan. I brought in the same fiber background at 10% opacity. Finally, I placed my yarn image on the bottom right hand corner on the bottom 1/4 of paper and put it at 10% opacity. I debated on whether to use the company name on the top of the letterhead or the owners name. I decided on using the owner name and put the website underneath in the contact information.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign

Message: Char Knits is a company created to produce quality hand stitched designs. Michelle Babcock is the owner and founder of Char Knits, she represents the face behind the name. The yarn balls are modern with clean lines yet warm toned to create the impression of what a customer could expect from Char Knits: modern, comfortable, and crafted with superiority. Michelle’s favorite colors are navy and orange, which were easy to fit into a complimentary color scheme.

Audience:  Anyone that is interested in quality hand-knitted items.

Top things learned: How to effectively work in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to create branding for company stationery.

Color scheme: Complementary and color names: Blue and Orange

Title Font Name & Category: Sweet Pea – Script

Copy Font Name & Category: Big Caslon – Modern