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Yay! Look we finally started out mural! Also the bottom picture is of a ladder we stole from the construction workers behind our house. The one in the pink is Hailey. She is the greatest. The one on the bottom with the ladder is Madie.
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Hola hola! Today my first shift was solo mi in Alergria. It was actually really fun. I am starting to love all the Tias here! I also seriously adore my little Alegria kids. One of the kids spent two hours trying to make bubbles out of water and soap, and he eventually got it to work!

Today two of the kids had their mom visit them. They wee brother and sister both living in Alegria. Their mom looked really young, maybe in her twenties. She brought candy and a new pair of shoes for her son. It was so sad to watch her hand her babies to me and say goodbye.

We also had one of the orphans class come today. I was really happy to see her interact with the kids her age. The entire time they were there on of my Alegria kids would just sit and watch them swing, jump rope, play soccer, etc.  At one point I went and sat by him and he went behind me and just wrapped his arms around my neck and kept saying Lesi, Lesi, Lesi. Today when I was leaving Alegria two of the kids gave me hugs and kisses. It is the sweetest thing next to having them learn your name.

Another Amegria kid always comes up to you and makes you sit somewhere and sing a certain song to him over and over. He also wears bright blue glasses and has a hearing aid. In Alegria I have a “little man” and a “little grandpa.”

My second shift today was a split shift between Milagros and Esperanza. We got to go to the park and play with all the kids. One of the little girls from Alegria sat in dog poop and they just took off her pants and let her play in her underwear. While we were there I spent my time with Nicole, Logan, and Hailey, mostly Nicole, and we pushed the kids around in their wheelchairs.

When I went into Milagros one of my favorite kids was sitting in the floor laughing about who knows what. The Tia and two of the boys told me my blue eyes were beautiful. One if them told me that his eyes were dark briwn with a blue ring around the outside. I didn’t see it, but whatever he says goes. Haha

After today I was seriously contemplating changing my return date and extending because words cannot express the love I have grown to have for the people here at Los Pequiñitos de OSSO.

This week there are a lot of fun things to look forward to, but it is definately bitersweet. Last night one of the volunteers decided to stay two months less than he planed on and that makes a total of like 7 of us leaving next week. I am so sad to be leaving and there is definitely a sad spirit? I don’t know what to call it…around the house.

Tonight was a few of the girls’ last time at HML and it was really am sad to watch. The taxi home was really quiet and most everyone was sleeping or half asleep. HML is hard because there isn’t really time for dinner before we leave so we end up eating at like 8 and by then people don’t want to eat real food. It is still worth it though, even though the kids speak really fast Spanish and I don’t understand a lick of what they say to me. Haha

I realize that no matter what time I have here it is going to be really difficult to leave. I am making he most of the time I have left and I am excited to tell you about my OSSO family that I LOVE! I love you all!

❤️ The Girl with Big Plans

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