Dia Dieciséis

Today my first shift was in Casas. It was pretty crazy! I worked with Shawnie and Jacie. At first the kids were all on therapies so we only had to take care of like 5 total. After therapies they all start getting crazy. They run all over the place and you can’t find half of them because there are so many. So, our solution was to take them down to the Canchas where they could play and we could see them all at once.

While we were down there two kids got in a fight an done hit the other in the face. We are in charge of punishing them so I took him and had to hold him in time out; where he tried to bite me. I told him no and he kept squirming so I grabbed his legs and held him like a baby. He wasn’t too happy about that and he clawed my face. I lost it and grabbed his ha fans squoze it really hard and said no in a really stern voice. I think he is a little scared of me, but it might be a good thing.

HEFY came and helped us today along with Nicole who was working in Cunas so the workload wasn’t awful. We skipped the snack because am we had a going away party for 5 siblings who are leaving tomorrow. They get to go home with their mom. We ate cake and they gave us a juice made with jello packets. It wasn’t very good especially towards the end.

Furing lunchtime Heather and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was really fun. Heather is like everyone’s big sister.

My afternoon shift was in Esperanza with Jacie. I was so excited today because one of the girls from Eaperanza offered me a hug before I even asked. (I ask her everyday.) The Tia that is more serious was working today and I think she finally is starting to adjust to me.

Tonight we had a movie party with a few of the kids from each Casa. We let one of the boys from Alegria pick it and he chose Pinnochio. That movie put almost all the volunteers to sleep.The kids really liked it and one of the Milagros boys laughed the entire time. I love that kid!

Tonight we masked and started painting our mural. It is going to be sweet. I will post the finished product! It will be really classy. Sorry I don’t have any pictures today. Tomorrow is zip lining so hopeful I get some then that are cool enough to make up for today! I love you all!

💕The Girl with Big Plans

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