Dia Dieciocho

So happy fast Sunday. I almost died today because it was probably the longest time I have fasted in my life. Nicole and I wanted bananas but we were both fasting so we wrote our names on two. imageMy first shift today was in Casas. My last shift there. I as a really good time, but I also missed church again. I worked with Logan and Shawni. There was a huge group of college students that came and helped out so there wasn’t very much to do. I seriously love the Casas kids. Today they did lice checks and there was definately a girl with lice. Also Esperanza has lice now too. I am praying I don’t get it!

Two of my roomates got sick last night. So at lunch Nicole and I went and got them sprite for their stomachs. I also am praying that I don’t get that either.

My second shift was in Cunas with Shawni. While we were there we listed to an sciatic piano CD and a lot of the songs Lily knows we’re in it. It made me miss her and the rest of the family! We are down to only four kids there because one of them went home with his mom the other day. We got done really fast and usually we would help the Tia in itty bitties, but today the Tia wouldn’t let us. I don’t think she liked us.

Anyways we ended up going back to Casas and I said goodbye to all the kids. One of the girls came and sat in my lap and asked when I was leaving. When she found out it was Tuesday she came back over and hugged me for a while and then rubbed my hand. I was so close to crying. I love those kids. They all came up afterwards and said “Hola Lesi!” then gave me hugs. One of the boys (age 6) car up behind me and pinched my bum. Not okay, but funny.

Everyone at the house tonight is in a bad mood because we are all sick and packing. So sad! I am excited to see you all this week! Keep the orphans in your prayers. They are worth every one of them. I love you all!

❤️The Girl with Big Plans

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