Dia Diecinueve

Chao Hailey and Jacie.imageSelfie in front of HML because that’s what we do best.
imageLice checks. image

Hello all. Today was probably one of the best shifts of my life. Well, one of the saddest too.

My morning shift was in Cunas with Madie. I love her. The kids do therapies in the morning so we only had one or two. When we went in with the itty bitties I got to feed and burp two of them.

At lunch we had a goodbye ceremony for all those who are leaving. We got our OSSO rings and after the meeting we all went up to pack and talk.

My second shift was in Esperanza with Madie again. Today the Tias came out and played with us and it was the best. We played duck, duck, goose, some game that was like London bridges, and we jump roped. Meanwhile it was POURING outside.
 We tried to get everything done early so we could say bye to Hailey and Jacie before HML. I am so sad they are leaving because they are the best.

HML was fun. We did a talent show for the activity, and all the volunteers did random silly talent they had. Heather had the funniest ones. She called them freaky human tricks. The girls love Frozen and they made me sing “Love is an Open Door” with Nik. It was so awkward! Good thing it was only one verse.

When we got home I made soup for everyone because they are all sick. Then of course came the Social Walk..my last one..😞 we went on the swings today and it was way fun.

Now we are currently doing lice checks because one of the volunteers has lice. Oh no! I am dying. I honestly think it would be a good part of experiencing Ecuador, but that could just be me. I don’t want to go to bed because I don’t want to leave! My last shift is in the morning and then I am going o the llama museum with Nicole, Hannah, and Madie. I am excited to tell you all more details about life here when I get home! XOXO

❤️The Girl with Big Plans

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