Dia Once

Ok so today I worked the morning at Cunas with Madie. I got to play with the itty bittys. They are the babies at Todao Tores. They seriously melt your heart. They are also really quiet and it was a nice break from shifts like Casas. I even got to rock some of the babies to sleep. Also because I worked off sote I missed out on going to church. 🙁

During that shift two volunteers at Casas got “married”. My he kids made them wedding rings and decorated. They even made her a newspaper veil! They aren’t allowed to hold hands or kiss, due to OSSO rules, they linked arms and shook hands. They signed away their vows and at the top the certificate said “Married and Kissed” in Spanish. So funny!

Clarification to those who read the earlier blog about my first kiss..the kid was like 3 so don’t you fret!

My second shift was in Alegria with Logan. The kids there actually seemed excited to see me. I think one of the kids called me fat in Spanish so that’s cool. We played with Jenga blocks. Those are their favorite thing.

Two of the kids totally blowout pooped their diapers and while I was changing one she peeshedeeshed all over the changing table. Yay.

Today HEFY showed up and it was super stressful because there were so many people. They pretty much took all the kids from Alegria so Logan and I just pushed the other kids in the swings. HEFY will be here for 2 weeks working on the house for the Roseros, but they will also help with the kids too.

Tonight Nicole, Logan, and Hailey, and I all went on what we call a “social walk”. They are really a good time! Haha we are starting a tradition. No worries we walk inside the gates walls of the orphanage.

I think that’s about all for now! Chao! 💕

P.S. Sorry about no pictures today.

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