Dia Doce

Today was so good! My card finally worked at the ATM! That means I have money to go zip lining on Saturday! This morning I had an off with Shawni and we went to Monay (the mall/grocery store). It was really nice, even compared to the U.S.. That is where we took out our money. Then I bought Oreos and Coco cookies to bring home. Don’t worry, I got some vanilla ones for Mason too! I also got two hammocks today! Yay!

First two pictures of of both directions of the road we live on.
image image This is over a bridge ob the same road.imageThese are some Chulitas that we saw in town today.image

Today Catalina made fish and I didn’t dare take any because it is really offensive to throw food away here. So I was not adventurous. Sorry I will try next time. Haha

My PM shift was in Casas and to be honest I prayed at least 5 times before, during, and after the shift to be able to survive. During the shift two boys locked themselves in a bathroom stall together and they refused to open it. The door was too low to be able to slide under, and too high to reach over. So after asking them ten times I climbed on top of the urinal and started climbing into the  stall to get them out. Meanwhile this other kid is crapping in the adjacent stall with the door unlocked. What the crap? The two boys in the stall put the toliet paper roll in the toilet and then threw it at me while I was sticking my  head underneath the stall. My cute coworkering volunteer, Jacie, came and put her hand on my back and said she was sorry that I had to put up with them. She is seriously the cutest person I know.

Despite that story I did have an ok time in Casas today and I am not super against going. I think the more you work their the more numb you become to the chaos. There were two cute sisters who I played with. The one was crying and then I scooped them up and sang the “Sisters” song from White Christmas to them and they loved it! Then the three of us played tag. I also finally connected with the ring leading antagonists from Casas. I played fusball with them. I have discovered that they are all angels when you are one on one.

When it came time to eat the kids were really onrey and refused to get in their train. We eventually gave up and took them in without the train. We left early tonight because of HML. That is always pretty nice.

This week I got to stay home from HML with Madie and go to FHE with the OSSO kids. I loved it! It was one of the sweetest experiences, and it will probably be the reason I cry a lot when I am home. We sang “I am a Child of God” in Spanish and that is when it really hit me how sad it was that these kids didn’t have earthly families. I really felt Hevenly Father’s love for all of the kids and I realized how important it was for me to spend all my time here focusing on them. They are so sweet and I am really going to miss their unconditional love.

While I am talking up the wonderfulness of these kids, I want to mention that one of the babies from OSSO is currently in the hospital with pneumonia. The doctors think she needs a feeding tube, but the cost of surgery is $5,000. We have the option of having the surgery from a free doctor, but we are almost positive that they will kill her. If there is anything you could do to donate or spread the word it would be much appreciated. You can send the donations to the OSSO office in Rexburg.

Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers. I love and miss you all.

❤️The Girl with Big Plans

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