Dia Trece

Today I started off in Cunas again. I love the morning shift there because we get to hang out with the babies. Today I got to feed the littlest baby. She is an adorable newborn. My heart seriously melts whenever I play with the Cunas kids.

I worked with Nicole in Cunas and there was another American girl there helping who was my age. Her name was Emily, and she was super nice. She is kind of on a two week exchange program but through a college.

Today during our time with the babies the kitchen’s fire alarm went off. I am pretty positive they burnt an entire chicken. Luckily we didn’t have to evacuate or anything!

During lunch a group of us went to Monay and bought tomatoes, Spaghetti sauce,  and got money out. We also got some helado! Thought of you again dad!

My afternoon shift was in Casas with Logan and Nik. I was pretty nervous because of past experiences with them, but I loved it today. I honestly believe I am here to learn from those adorable kids.

They all finally know my name and it is so fun to play with them. Today I got to work in Casa Uno where the 3-6 year oldish kids live. We played ring around the rosy, read books, and I gave them horse rides. They were the CUTEST things.

We watched a movie today. First it was a Barbie movie and then when all the boys got bored we changed to Looney Tunes. Some of the kids came up and sat on my lap throughout the movie. They were really crazy for dinner and bedtime, but I still loved it. Who knew right?

Tonight we had a deep clean of the house and I cleaned the bathroom. I got to try a white pineapple tonight and it is really good! I wish I could bring one home!

We went in another social walk tonight and we explored the construction of the Rossero’s house and played volleyball on the net in the backyard. We had some funny times! Life is good here at the Cuenca House!
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