Project 5: Logos


Description: Three different logo designs for the same company.

Process: I really enjoyed this project and coming up with different design options and then figuring out how to use Illustrator to make these ideas come to life. My company icon was a lioness, so I looked online for ways I could implement it. I found a lioness face shaped necklace using different shapes and knew this could turn into a unique and cool icon. I played around with the tracing features and used the pen tool and eraser both to come up with the finished result. The crown was added to give a touch of femininity. In the middle design, after typing a monogram I turned those letters into outlines and manipulated the J to fit my design needs. Another exciting thing I discovered was how to type text on an outline for a badge feel. With my typography I used two different fonts to create contrast as well as using color schemes. I also found a lioness running that I placed into illustrator and then used the pen tool to outline the shape of a running lioness.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator

Message: “Running” to communicate strong, courageous, & powerful messages.

Audience: Runlittlejo Communications is a grassroots company instituted and devoted to communicating wholesome and uplifting messages for anyone around the world that will listen.

Top Thing Learned: How to draw using the pen tool

Color scheme: Top Logo: Split Complementary; Middle Logo: Complementary; Bottom Logo: Anagolous

Color Names: Top Logo: Red, Orange, & Teal; Middle Logo: Blue and Orange; Bottom Logo: Brick

Top Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: PT Sans (Sans Serif)
Top Logo – Font #2 Name & Category:
Bank Gothic (Serif)

Middle Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: PT Sans Caption (Sans Serif)
Middle Logo – Font #2 Name & Category:
PT Sans (Sans Serif)

Bottom Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Onyx (Modern)
Bottom Logo – Font #2 Name & Category:
PT Sans Narrow (Sans Serif)

Votes on favorite logo:
Top Logo = 9; Middle Logo = 9; Bottom Logo =13
My favorite logo: Top Logo

5 thoughts on “Project 5: Logos”

  1. Jodi, great job on your logos! I really like the first and the third one. I love how you played with the shapes to get the jaguar’s face, super cool. I love the colors that you used and the creativity to put a crown on the jaguar’s head. The third one is nice and clean. Very modern and easy to read. I like the gradience color in the words. Great job!

    I would love your feedback on mine!


  2. I love the image you made in the first two logos! It’s sort of complicated, but at the same time it is pretty simple when put all together. I thought it was a nice touch that the colors for “runlittlejo” was consistent through out. I think my favorite is the top one, simply because it runs more heavily on the design. Nicely done!
    Check out Emily’s post at:

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